"Director Bridgette Loriaux gives the play an often lovely, lyrical staging with some beautifully choreographed dance sequences."-Sam Hurwitt, Mercury News

"The 140 minute one act is a fantasia of color and powerful visual rhyme, dance and story based on some fairytale and the reality of war and beliefs. Dario inspired some elegant dance movement created by Director Loriaux. Director Bridgette Loriaux has assembled a gifted, talented cast, and Dario has written an emotional mix of dance, horror and fairy-tale that is very striking and full of a history of language and voices". –Vince Mediaa

"The most powerful moments come in the dance moments staged by director Bridgette Loriaux. One particularly dazzling dance has all the performers wielding sabers/sticks adorned with little lights (let’s call them lightsabers) and another sees a lost young woman (Grace Ng as Miranda) falling in love with an American soldier (Soren Santos as Danny)."- Chad Jones, theaterdogs

​The Tempest, African American Shakespeare Company

​“Magnetic Afro-Cuban-tinged choreography by Bridgette Loriaux...”
-Robert Hurwitt, SFGATE

The Fourth Messenger
“Bridgette Loriaux's fancifully choreographed gated-community fantasy.”-Robert Hurwitt, SFGATE 

Salt Plays II: Of the Earth

"Tracy and choreography consultant Bridgette Loriaux create a Theatre of the Imagination with imaginative simplicity… "-John A. McMullen II, The Berkeley Daily Planet

"Bridgette Loriaux's brilliant athletic choreography and movement…"
Richard Connema,

​"Bridgette Loriaux's fierce choreography…"
-George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape

Le Petit Mort

After Life, directed by Bridgette Loriaux. Definitely a must see!"-Nousha, Cairo Egypt

The Black Eyed
"Bridgette Loriaux is particularly strong, maintaining a completely believable focus and intensity from beginning to end. "-Rubicon

Director/Choreographer/Performing Artist